Adding additional ways to verify Ting accounts

I just started my service with Ting, and I have 2 family members also on the account who do not live with me.  If they call for help, even though they have all the account info, password, etc, and their numbers are, of course listed on the account, the 4 digit PIN will only be sent to my email address.  Again, since they do not live with me, this is not convenient for business.  *Suggestion*  couldn't you send the 4 digit PIN to the phone number requesting help?  If their phone number is on the account, and they have all the access info, just pinging their phone makes good streamline sense.  I would be happy to add their names next to their numbers, and check YES, if I had a field to do this in.......



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  • Hey Virginia!

    I totally get what you're saying here! We do have another way of verification though. If either of your family members contact us and are trying to get something configured on the account, we can call any of the numbers associated with the account as part of verification (the person who owns the device will just need to pick up the phone call) (this is called a Callback Verification)

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