Change the usage graph display on Ting

Ting uses doughnut graphs to show usage, but the graphs do not start at zero, they start at the previous level limit. This is a misleading graphical representation of usage. A more accurate donut graph would start at zero with the full circle being the next level limit and the previous level being shown in another color (like dark grey). For an example, I took my current usage from the app and showed how at 880MB, the donut graph shows me that I have used ~75% of the data in the Large plan. However, this is misleading because I have ACTUALLY used 88% of the data in the Large plan, it's just not showing the first 500MB in the graph. It is instead showing that I've used 380MB of the 500MB additional in the plan. Here is a picture of the graph as presented with an alternate graph that would more accurately display usage:



  • Another suggestion comes from customer Deveron M. Rather than how it is now, they suggest it instead show where customers are in terms of the overall usage brackets. The customer feels this will simplify matters, preventing the need to look up the pricing in relation to the overall tiers/buckets.


    Their suggested solution was to present a circle with green, orange and red regions where each color represents the pricing brackets, or switching to a bar graph design instead.

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  • I just started using Ting a month ago. This is a very valid comment and request to the company.

    It kinda makes me mad.

    It is clearly a disingenuous misrepresentation of data which obviously helps the company and hurts the customer. 

    It is patently obvious that Ting is presenting misleading information for their own benefit.

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  • Hi Kevin,

     Thanks for the feedback. Our team is starting to look at redesigning some of the website so I can pass along your suggestion and your thoughts behind them.

     In the meantime, if you are worried about going over any usage limits what I could suggest is using our alerts feature we have on Ting. You can set them up to notify you any time you reach a particular level or amount. We have a guide that walks through how to set them up here

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