Provide mobile device storage capacity out of the box minus consumption of required apps

Not really a "feature" but a request for more info in the Ting Web Storefront.

With phone listings in the Ting store, It would be helpful to list user available storage (after the manufacturer's software and Sprint software is installed - perhaps even after the most recent updates, if any, had been applied to that "base" software/minimal configuration databases). I.e, what the user would see as available storage if they took the phone out of the box, activated it, and then applied all updates to whatever was already on the phone.

This would be particularly interesting for entry level phones as space is tight (and, since the "move to SD Card" feature is long gone from Android and some apps, such as Google Maps, refuse to use the SD card for offline maps, the SD card is not of any use for some apps anymore).

If this information is not reasonably available (maybe Ting never really opens the box and tests the phone?), at least if a review is done by Ting (when obviously the phone has been activated and used), this information could be included there from the initial unboxing experience.

For example, I'm comparing the Motorola Moto E (Second Gen) and the LG Volt 2 (amazingly inexpensive!). Both have 8GB of internal storage but I have no idea how much Motorola's or LG's version of Android or Motorola or LG app bloat consumes or what Sprint bloat consumes -- i.e., what I have left. With an 8GB phone, 1GB makes a huge difference. PhoneScoop reports that the Motorola has 5 GB available to user and that the LG only has 3.4 GB available to user but I have no idea if these numbers are accurate. The difference could be due to Android 5.0 vs. 5.1 and/or LG bloat vs. Motorola bloat -- and, I'm assuming, neither includes Sprint bloat(?). So, I just have to guess as to if there will be enough internal storage to meet my needs (or if I have to use alternatives to my preferred apps - such as HERE maps instead of Google Maps offline feature). All that really matters to the purchaser is how much storage is available to them :)




  • The available storage would change with each OS version.  Phones usually ship without all updated patches.

    How would Ting keep up with these changes ans what would be the business need to do so? It would not increase their profit.

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  • @Bruce. Updates seem to be fairly rare on entry level Android phones (where internal storage is the greatest issue). As mentioned, the numbers could be presented after all updates had been applied. Ting presumably would include the SW version information for the phone they tested and the date. A caveat would be provided that YMMV in the future.

    (Also, how often do carrier upgrades significantly increase the storage footprint? If they do, that would seem likely to create a lot of customer dissatisfaction for Sprint if customers had to delete apps to get an update to fit.)

    At any point in time, there are not that many Android entry level smartphones in the Ting store so I'm not seeing this effort as being a big deal in most cases. It is true there have been times when a phone has appeared for only a short time and, if Ting knew that would be the case and not worth the effort of providing this data, they could just indicate "data not available" for those phones.

    The business "need" is the same as the business "need" for any customer satisfaction or service initiative. What's the business "need" of sometimes spending staff time to blog a review of a phone sold by Ting?

    I expect that Ting attracts a lot of cost conscious (or just plain cheapskates) users who are going to be attracted to entry level phones. Some of these people will join Ting and buy an entry level phone from Ting (perhaps buying from Ting's limited selection because they don't want to worry about "compatibility" or even research it) with a "no return" policy. When, upon power up, they are surprised by how little internal storage is available to the user, they will likely feel some remorse as they are listing the brand new phone at a loss (and hassle) on eBay and some of that remorse will likely rub off on Ting - perhaps even making them decide not to "try again" w/Ting and just dropping the service (which is so easy to do!).

    But, no, adding the data I suggest probably isn't going to increase TuCows market cap from $245.83M to $1,245.83M.

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