Hangouts in iOS: Using my Ting number

Kevin Williams


I use GV on my iPhone 5s with the Google Hangouts app for all my calling and texting using just data (cellular or Wi-Fi) not my Ting minutes or messages.  I want to keep this setup.

Is there an iOS setting or app which will automatically toggle cellular data if I have a Wi-Fi connection?  An App Store search did not look too promising.  Anyone have a good recommendation?

Also, when I go into extended coverage, I have no data connection at all.  But I can call and text with my Ting number just fine.  How can I forward incoming calls to my Ting number?

Is there a setting or an iOS app which can detect if I have a data connection and automatically toggle this configuration for me?



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    James Winchester

    Unfortunately, unless you are jailbroken iOS doesn't allow those settings to be changed by apps anymore. BT, Wifi, Mobile Data & other system toggles don't work with the Automation apps available, like Tasker would on Android for example.

    You can, however, setup Reminders by Location or wifi connectivity, that 'nudge' you to remember to toggles data on/off manually.

    Definitely not the same thing, but not too tedious either. Hope this helps,


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    Mitch S

    James, you're right on this front. As Tasker isn't available on iOS, we recommend either trying to use the built-in reminders app, or IFTTT to get notifications to remind you to enable WiFi in these locations.


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