How did you get your phone delivered?

I ordered a new phone, and was looking forward to having it there when I got home from work on Friday. However, since I wasn't home they had take it back to the Fed Ex location.

I work all day (as I assume most people do) and have not had time to go to that location. In Houston I am looking at an hour at least out of my way. I also hate to have to get my wheelchair in and out of the car to get something I paid to have delivered.

I tried to leave a note asking them to take the package to a neighbor, and I tried to have it delivered to my job, but since that wasn't in the original order they couldn't do either.

Why wasn't it mentioned during the ordering and shipping process that someone had to stay home to get the phone? Was I supposed to know that? Does everyone else already know that they have to be home?

How did you receive your phone? Did you take off work? Do you have a stay at home spouse?

Why isn't this a problem for more people?

Thanks to anyone who can help!





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  • Hey Anne!

    For orders that are over $200.00 it is required that the customer signs off for the delivery (we wouldn't want your device to be stolen/misplaced if FedEx were to leave it on the front porch). One way of getting a missed delivery is picking it up from the local FedEx office nearest you. The other, you would require to have someone sign for the delivery at your home during their business delivery hours. This could be a neighbour, friend, or family member as long as you give them permission to sign for it.

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