Using Verizon Galaxy S4 and Google Voice

Marci Bretts

Due to poor reception I switched from a Sprint phone to a Verizon Galaxy S4 and hoped it would solve my extensive dropped call problems.  Instead I have little to no reception and am unable to make or receive calls from my house through Ting/T-Mobile.  This is partially a TMobile issue as another TMobile phone also shows only 1 bar and continually loses even that signal.


I have set up a Google Voice number and it sounds and works just fine, but I really want to keep giving out my original phone number.  I want to forward my Ting calls to the GV number, but nothing I've tried works.  When I use the Ting instructions I get an "out of service" error, when I try the Verizon forwarding codes I get a similar response.


I want my phone to ring when I get a call, in theory if I forward the Ting number to the GV number then GV (via the Hangouts app) should ring.  GV does ring on the handset when I call it directly, but I want people to be able to continue to use my old phone number.  Right now the Ting number goes straight to voicemail and the notification is only in the notification bar, no sound or blinking light to clue me in that I even got a call.


Anyone have luck forwarding their Ting number to GV on the Verizon Galaxy S4?


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    kyle Spier-Swenson

    Just go to device settings for your phone and set busy and no answer forwarding numbers to your GV number, and that should just work.


    i haven't done extensive testing on it, but it seems to work for me.


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