Allow for SMS whitelisting/blacklisting
Not planned

I recently disabled all SMS traffic due to having received too many unsolicited SMS messages (sms spam).  I would like to use SMS, however, I will not do so UNLESS I have complete control over who can send messages to me.  In other words.. I will only enable SMS if I can control it via a whitelist.  I will not fool around with sending stop messages (which are often ignored), or adding numbers to a blocklist after having received (and been billed for) unwanted SMS.. Whitelist or Nothing.  I am not going to pay for unwanted advertisements!

Please enable a Whitelist for SMS.



  • Hey Nicholas.

    Appreciate the feedback of this feature request as it's something that has not been looked into very much. We will keep this in mind for the next demo meetings in regards to giving the customer total control of how they can/will receive sms.

  • Someone changed the title of this discussion!


    It was SMS Whtelist.. but someone at Ting obviously didn't like title..

    OH No... we can't have anyone wanting to get rid any unwanted text messages..

    No.. that would cut down on text usuage and therefore profits.. 

    I do not appreciate having the title of my message changed.. i won't post here again!!!!!



  • Sorry Nicholas.

    I changed the title of the thread to make it more specific as to what your feature request is. Basically if more people have the same idea as you on the feature request, they would have an easier time navigating to this page with the detailed information we will share regarding your initial request. We would love to look into setting up a feature on the account that allows you to specify which exact numbers are allowed to text you.

  • No.. it is unethical to change a persons messages without their prior approval.  I may, or may not cancel my service.. I will have to sleep on it.

  • That's better. Thank you for changing the title back to, more or less, what it was. I can live with this.  But in the future please do not edit your customers posts.  While I agree that you have every right to delete any content you do not wish to be displayed on your website, you do not have the right to change the content of the customers posts in any manner other than to delete curse words as allowed by law/statue.

  • I just want to be upfront about what our goals are here and it's this: we want you, the customer, to tell us what features you'd like to see with Ting. I think both you and I can agree on that.

    We're interested in learning and growing.

    We're not interested in changing the nature of your message. Rest assured, the change of the subject title was not done with mischevious intent, but with an earnest attempt to categorize and collects similar requests. For example, this one. The more discussion we see on a particular topic, the more we understand it's demand.

    In an ideal world, there would be only one, non-duplicated post that all users would be able to vote and comment on. Apologies, we're not there yet but are working towards it.

    The bottom message is this, we've absolutely heard your request for SMS whitelisting/blacklisting. We'll update this post the second we have a chance to evaluate it against the rest (which should be soon).

    Anyway, thank you for your suggestion, we really really appreciate it.


  • I texted "block email" to 9999 a few minutes ago and got a response "Messages to and from all email addresses are now blocked.  You will still receive legal and account related messages." 

    Testing sending an e-mail to <10-digit phone number> ... yes, with "block email" set, no message is received, but with "allow email", I get the message.

    Still, I concur; I would like a whitelist.

    (I just began receiving email2sms spam messages at the rate of one per day - I've obviously made it onto some sort of spam list.  I might just change my number, since I use another number as my "official" cellphone number, and forward to this.)

  • Totally agree here. We need some sort of block so that people we don't want or never wanted to call us can't call us and use our minutes and messages. Maybe part of the Ting App? I just tried out a few call blockers. Better than nothing although they are a little hokey.

    I get 4-6 calls every day from people that are using my telephone for advertising. Just started getting some SMS messages too! Would love to block them all. Annoyance.

    I did see that sending a message to '9999' with a text body of 'block <# to block>' will block the SMS texts from that number. That's something. How about adding it into the Ting app?

  • I believe my feature request post titled "spotted dog" might be somewhat in-line with this request. I would like to have an email-to-text sender permanently whitelist so I can reliably receive messages from my community's dispatch system. We had previously determined the system worked initially then started failing because the provider flagged my fire department as spam. Up-vote. Thanks!

  • I wholeheartedly agree.  I had SMS completely blocked for years because of this.  I have recently essentially been forced to enable SMS, and I would _REALLY_ like a whitelist, because I only ever want to receive texts from certain of my contacts.

  • We would like a whitelist as well. We only want to receive texts from a specific set of family members. A blacklist would not be ideal as spammers change their sending number so regularly.


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