Adding a WiFi calling feature on the CDMA network Answered

Thomas Hazzard


I have an iPhone SE on TIng CDMA.  I know Sprint supports WiFi calling for iPhones, yet Ting does not support this.  How come? It does not seem like a big stretch, but perhaps Sprint disallows this for their MVO partners. 



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    Brian McLellan

    Hi Thomas! That's correct -- Sprint does have some "premium" features they retain for their service and don't make available to MVNO partners. Wi-fi calling is one of those features. 

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Thomas.

    Thanks for adding to the discussion regarding this feature request. It's something that we have been talking about for quite some time now as it's readily available on select devices on the GSM network. We will be updating this forum post (which has a lot of mention and suggestions regarding the feature) as soon as we have more detailed information --


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