Ting Internet - NE Wisconsin

I live in Kimberly (about 25 miles S of Green Bay). Only choice are TWC or ATT. Both have lousy customer service and exorbitant rates. Running fiber in this city or other cities in the Fox Cities area (which is the fastest growing area of this state) would not only be greatly appreciated, but would be a great leap forward to unseating the monoplies in Internet access.

Like the customer service and bang for the buck  I get for my family with Ting. (though I have been eyeing Project Fi for myself due to my data usage and deals with bundling a Nexus 5x or 6p with a new account).


-Dean Ticks
Kimberly, WI



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  • Hey Dean!

    Thanks for giving us some insight about your location regarding internet services. Have you used our town vote request for your city to heighten the chances that we will come? Check it out here -- https://ting.com/internet/townvote

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