Not off to a good start

I did my research and listened to recommendations from friends. Ting would be a good fit for me. (two phones) When I tried to  purchase two phones and set up my account on Saturday, my AMEX was refused. The error is "Credit Card was not approved. 9827975". Chat told me my name had changed more than 2 times in the last 6 months. Nope! I have had the same name with AMEX since 1985. I called AMEX to be sure there wasn't some type of fraud going on. No. No record of Ting trying to authorize either. Then the chat person told me the problem was on their side and it would be fixed by Monday. Okay, so now it's Monday and this time I called. Still no luck. The person I spoke with told me the same thing as chat. When I asked her to call AMEX merchant services for authorization she told me she didn't have the mechanics in place to do that. .What? You don't have a telephone to make a call? She didn't get it and just didn't care.  So, sorry Ting. I really wanted this to work but if it's this much hassle to purchase phones and service, I can't imagine what billing nightmares would lie ahead.





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