Breakdown of usage in real time (minute by minute).

Getting a nasty surprise on my bill is annoying, Seeing 1.2GB usage after only being a member for just under 24 hours is even more so. but not being able to see when that data was used, as in time of day, is just the worst.

How can I fix such issues in my phone if I can't even see WHEN the data was used. Especially when my phone is showing no data used, at all, ever, in the usage stats.

It should show, in a plain old table non-graphical format (such graphics or graphs tend to make it harder to know the exact time of a given point of data, as well as exact data amounts), the amount of data used for any given minute or 15 minute period. Failing that 1 hour time frames at the most.





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  • Hey Kyle.

    We really appreciate your feedback on having more detailed billing in the control panel, it is certainly something that has been discussed. If you take a look at this thread here -- you will see all the discussion that has happened since we last updated the control panel for customers. We understand the benefit of having detailed billing as it allows the customer to grasp what they will be paying for at the end of their billing cycle, and why. Thanks again for reminding us of this particular feature.

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