Add Visual Voicemail to the GSM network for iPhones Answered

Jose Quinones

Visual voicemail iPhone GSM. Please bring that feature. It's a deal-breaker. Using a third-party app not be the only solution.



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    Bruce Osborne

    Ting can only provide the services permitted by their GSM partner. Unfortunately, Visual Voicemail on iPhone is not a feature on Ting GSM.

    If that is a "deal-breaker", perhaps Ting is not the best carrier choice for you. Ting is not the best choice for everybody but seeks to help the majority who are overpaying for service save money. Heavy data users, for instance, would not find Ting a good choice.

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Jose.

    Thanks for the input regarding the Visual Voicemail suggestion for iPhones on the GSM network. As of right now there is no time frame in adding this to our network, however you will be able to use a 3rd party app (even though that's not something you prefer). Once we have more detailed information regarding this, we will be sure to let all of our customers know about it.


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