Improve the Buy & Sell forum and offer an Upgrade Program

 could you add a way that you could send you old working phone to ting so that way you can sell it in the store as refurbished because I find that not many people check the buy/sell forum, or at least a link to the buy/sell forum on the shop page.



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  • Hey Marco!

    This feedback regarding our Buy & Sell forum is very timely and awesome! We are currently in the process of becoming more active on our feature request forums so we are actively seeking out ways to continually improve our level service. As it has been in discussion, we are looking at creating a program for device upgrades. As such, there could be something in the near future that allows you to send us in the old working Ting device in with us for an upgrade of a new phone (and we will resell your refurbished device). Thanks so much for the feedback as it's greatly appreciated!   


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