5 days post new acct / port

Okay this is interesting.  Maybe someone can give insight.  First of all; am new to ting (1wk).  Came from sprint.  Went smoothly.  Ported all numbers in 3 days.  Called to cancel acct and they said acct was terminated because all numbers were ported out.  Good.  Just wanted to touch base with a rep.  Today I get about 5 texts ( 5 digit codes ) telling me I had opted out of mobile alerts / info thru 3 companies.  First off I never sign up for mobile access / alerts when there is a financial relationship.  Secondly; 1 company I had never heard of.  So I was wondering if it had anything to do with leaving sprint.  I can't imagine why that would be the case.  All my apps ( not that I use that many ) are functioning fine.  Email works as always.  Anyone have any insight?



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  • Hi Connie! There's no specific thing that Sprint does that we know of, but it's possible that those were opt-ins for mobile alerts that came as part of your Sprint service. You would have been automatically unsubscribed to them when your Sprint account was terminated.

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