Add Visual Voicemail to the GSM network Answered

Michael Staake

I know, there are multiple threads about this, but I'd like to post about it, too :) I have a direct T-mo phone and use their great visual voicemail app. Haven't tried it on my Ting phone (was hesitant to try it, didn't want to mess anything up) but Ting live chat confirmed it was unsupported.

Would like to add my +1 to try to get this working, even if it requires a Ting Visual Voicemail app.



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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Michael.

    Thanks so much for the input regarding this feature request. The Ting Visual Voicemail app is actually something we have considered creating and talks of it being produced are in the works right now. There is still no timeframe for getting Visual Voicemail working on either iOS or Android at this time, but there has been a few solutions in using 3rd party apps to get the ball rolling, one of them being YouMail --

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    Winston Hoy



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