Create an active feature request system


  • Ah Michael, thank you so much for sharing. We let this feature request lawn remain un-manicured for too long and we definitely want to change that.

    Those examples are great. Our goal is to maintain a system where users can vote, comment, engage with Ting, and see the progress of said requests.

    As for this feature request for having a feature request system (so meta)? It's on the roadmap as a suggestion and we will re-visit the status in our backlog soon, i.e. we'll talk about how and what that system looks like and where it fits in

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    We are now actively curating this forum. Visitors can expect an increase in engagement from our staff and hopefully you too.

    To help sort the hundreds of requests that live in here, we're going to be updating the subject lines to better reflect the "ask" and avoid duplication.

    (I'm replying to Michael but really this is meant for all visitors of these parts)

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