Offer free data when using Pokemon GO Completed

Dash Chin

Hey all, 

So recently, T-Mobile announced its plans to make any data used on Pokemon Go free of charge. Personally, I think this is an excellent idea, and I think Ting should adopt this feature. Now, hear me out, because I know this sounds silly. But here are are some legitimate reasons why Ting should add this promotion. 

Incentive to switch - With Ting being independent, this would be an excellent way to promote Ting's services overall. T-Mobile is the only carrier with this service, so adding it in could easily attract players to Ting. 

Pokemon Go uses little data - As good as this is for users, it's important Ting doesn't lose more money than it can. However, Pokemon Go does not use an exceptionally large amount of data. For five days, I've used Pokemon Go heavily and I've used less than .2 GB of data. In short, the company wouldn't really lose money. If anything, more people would use Ting. That being said, data is data and everyone likes saving it.  

Customers could potentially move to T-Mobile - This is a bit of a stretch, but it's 100% possible. The popularity of this game is really crazy, and what T-Mobile has announced will definitely motivate dedicated enough fans to switch. So in that case, why risk it? Adding a similar promotion would secure current customers and attract new ones without costing much (or anything) at all. 

Ting could easily one-up T-Mobile - This is where Ting could get certain advantages in terms of marketing. T-Mobile has already released their promotion and promises, so Ting could easily make a promotion that outdoes T-Mobile. Now this might sound out there, especially for one game, but you have to remember that people worship this game. If they can get a higher advantage, they'll drop everything to get it. 


So that's my idea for Ting, and while it may sound childish, it's doable and can give Ting an important advantage when it comes to appeal. If this is ever considered, remember that the sooner its implemented, the better!



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    Bruce Osborne

    T-Mobile and the other carriers can offer "free" data because the cost of that data is hiddn in the higher fees paid by their users.


    Ting is against any hidden fees. They charge for anything their network partner charges Ting.

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Dash.

    Your suggestions and points made about allowing free access to data when using Pokemon GO are great, we really appreciate them. The main reason behind us not offering a type of campaign like this such as T-Mobile is that we are a contract-free company. Although the data plan from T-Mobile seems very "enticing," you are still being locked into a contract which might include data charges that you are not even using (As you said, Pokemon Go does not use much data). We are working toward something that will cater to a "heavier data user" in the very near future, so keep your eyes open for updates!  


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