What's up with T-Mo and Sprint?


Today, at almost the same time, T-Mo came out with unlimited everything (with the usual few catches) and mere minutes later, Sprint did their gotcha and came out with their version of unlimited everything.

I think for my usage, Ting is still the best option, but for heavy data users?  Maybe, maybe not?  So, the question for all (and especially for Ting) how does everyone think about this?  

Ting rocks, this isn't an advertisement for them, I've been a Ting user for a year or more.. But is this a game changer?  And how will Ting compete with their newfound competition?

Thinking in the end, it'll be better for us.  Ting already lowered data pricing, with the new info, wondering if all the pricing will drop to stay competitive!  That would be awesome! 





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  • I'd start with some internet searches, like this one at whistleout. It puts the different network cell plans into a handy matrix and you can see what's a good fit for you.

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