SD Card issues Galaxy S5

 A few days ago I got a notification / warning about my SD card. It said something like to always un-mount card before removing. OK, I understand but my card hasn't been removed since a put it in when I bought the phone.  So then later it said to "tap here to transfer media files."  OK, I do that and it seems to have transferred them back to the card. (I noticed that my camera pics had disappeared but they returned)

Now multiple times during the day I get the same notification (tap here to transfer media files) even though they still appear to be on the card.

I go ahead and click on it or delete the notification and it comes back shorty.  I did a un-mount and then opened the phone up, removed and reinstalled the card, no change with the notifications.

The data seems to be fine on the sd card, it's just the notifications are annoying. I was thinking the card may be flaking out but the media (at least the pics) seem to be fine. The card is less than a year old.





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  • Hey Mike,

    It sounds like your assumption is right, I would go with the SD card starting to flake out on you, I'd make a backup of it as soon as you can and try testing a different one in the phone.

    If the problem is still persisting, then the issue would be either software or hardware related and you might need to seek out a repair. 

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