Deactivated Ting with a ting in my eye.

I'm in the process of moving both phones over to another service because we are using too much data, not a lot, just a wee bit more than Ting will allow.  And I feel so sad.  Ting has been such a fantastic company, when you call someone actually tries to help, any time of the day or night.  Excellent account management software, simple and easy to navigate, and pretty good service, offering both GSM and CDMA.

I hope and wish and plead with Ting, please figure out a way to increase data consumption while staying competitive.  I feel so bad, like leaving a family.  You are a great company with good mission objectives.  I hope to come back soon when the data rates are more affordable for us.

Thanks Ting, you guys have been wonderful!



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  • Hey Wesley.

    Sad to see you go! But let me tell you... there is something in the air in the very close future that might cater to your needs! Keep an eye on our website within the next couple weeks and you just might find.... you'll get what you need!

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