Allow free WiFi Calling/Texting

I know you can't do free sms text over wifi but there must be a work around because with the app "text free" it gives you a temp phone number and as long as you're connected to wifi/4g anyone can call and text you like normal from there normal text/calling. so could you make a app like that that instead of just giving a random number it give you your normal ting number because I dont call or text very much at all so I'd rather have the little call/text rack up on my data instead of adding to their separate tiers, I know this wouldn't allow you to make calls/text over the normal 2g but for people that live in populated areas there 4g everywhere, and it would help ting because they wouldn't have to pay the other companies the rates for calling/text as much.



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  • Hey Marco!

    Thanks again for another lovely suggestion.. it's also another thing that we are currently working on at Ting. We want to make it clear that when we decide to have WiFi calling/texting as an option across all devices, it would be of the network boosting variety (not of the billing variety). Although this is never out of reach, these are just the plans that we currently have regarding this. There are a few 3rd party apps that you can download that would prevent you from being charged SMS or calls when connected over WiFi. For any further updates regarding when we will be releasing the feature/more information and detailed discussion -- Follow this post here --


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