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Brennan V

Our mission is simple, we want to bring simplicity back to the mobile and Internet industries. We believe in business philosophies that make sense. Pay for what you use. Call for help and speak to a human. No contracts. You know the whole deal, and you're likely here because you believe in those things too.


One of our most cherished assets is you. You, the customer. You, the smartphone user. You, the cord cutter. All of you


With that being said, Ting wouldn't be where it is today without your input. Your feature requests indicate where demand is. Your suggestions are extremely valuable information. We hear everything you say and we want to continue to encourage more conversation from you.


Great, so what's happening?


You'll start to see more activity around these parts. Ting staff, from Support to Product Management to Marketing, will be engaged here with you to nurture these feature request conversations. We want to learn more, which means we'll start to ask more too.

You will start to see us organize and re-organize the posts in the following manner:


  • Update the status of each feature request
  • Merge and collapse duplicate requests
  • Re-direct conversations to the 'master' feature request
  • Re-title post subject titles (to help us identify the duplicates and/or frame the post in the form of "an ask")


What we need from you


Keep doing what you're doing, continue suggesting the features that you'd love to see. Sometimes the solution for a request isn't necessarily a product update on our part. There are a lot of really smart people creating apps that might have a handle on a feature we're still chalking up on the drawing board. That's okay. We're here to learn too, feel free to reference those apps in your suggestions.

Oh, and don't be a stranger to the vote button either ;)


- The Ting Team





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    Heather Valentine

    All good ideas, but this doesn't seem to be happening- feature requests have been ignored as best I can tell. If you're ignoring the feature requests area please shut it down.

    I posted a feature request here because your support department asked me to. I went to the trouble and then the request was ignored as best I can tell, along with all the other feature requests. A lousy customer experience- would be better to just shut this space down if you're ignoring everyone.

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    Andre Haroutounian

    Hey Heather,

    First and foremost, please accept our apologies if you've felt that your requests have been ignored. We always do our very best to ensure that comments and suggestions are responded to in a timely fashion but, clearly, we've missed the mark here! I can assure you that we are gathering all the information posted on our forums, and are working diligently to execute on those requests to the best of our ability. Sadly, we sometimes run into roadblocks. We are hard at work trying to make sure that the user experience for everyone is a positive one. Please don't give up on us just yet! Hopefully, you will see some improvement in the very near future. :)

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    Heather Valentine

    Thanks! Great to know you're listening. Hopefully in the future you make a point to acknowledge all feature requests, even if only with a "thanks, we will take this idea into account in feature discussions in the future".



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