A Partner with Better coverage

Ting needs a (preferably GSM) partner that offers better coverage options than their current partners.


Due to coverage holes with both current partners, I have had to move my mobile devices to a different carrier, leaving only my home phone on Ting. Even then, I see its coverage appears to be marginal.

Ting has some great ideas to shakeup the mobile phone industry and has caused some major changes, but the re hampered by their choice of network partners. This became quite obvious to us in the past year as we started looking for a new house. There were several areas with no Sprint, T-Mobile or Ting GSM coverage, but Verizon worked and maps said there was goo AT&T coverage too.

People expect cellular phones to just work wherever they normally travel domestically.



  • Howdy Bruce,

    Let's just say there are no objections on our part to have network access everywhere ;)

    Hope you're doing well.


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  • I am doing well.

    I still have my home phone on Ting CDMA but I needed to move my mobile phones elsewhere.

    When we were looking at buying a house, we found areas that had *no* Ting coverage even though there was Verizon and AT&T coverage.

    At the beach (Edisto Beach, SC) last summer, the Ting map said there would be coverage but my phone could not get a reliable signal. I could not depend that it would work if there was an emergency situation.

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  • Poor GSM coverage is threatening to pull me away from Ting.  (Gotta try CDMA.) 

    I would note as an aside, that the Ting GSM  coverage map for my location shows solid coverage while the TMO map indicates a weaker signal at my location.  (Probably need to file another feature request with more info...)

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