Google Voice for Nexus 5X

Brian Thompson

I'm trying to set up VM through google voice but can't seem to get it to work. I followed these instruction I found on one of the forum pages but am not sure about the voice mail setting on the phone itself. In settings, it gives an option for Google voice or standard voice mail. It also seems that I can change the number for voicemail?

Super Easy Setup of Google Voicemail with Ting on Nexus 5

I have seen a bunch of very complicated processes but all you need to do is log into your Ting account click on Device Settings then select the device. On the settings page for that specific device:

  1. Uncheck 'Voicemail'
  2. Check "Forward 'busy calls'... and enter your GV #
  3. Check "Forward no answer calls"... and enter your GV #

Note that IF you check "Hide my caller ID" then GV won't know it's your phone and calls will ring to you TWICE - the first time and then you you decline the call GV will send it back a second time. 



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