Need Final Dashboard Data AFTER Billing Closes or Change Previous Bill Format to Match Dashboard with Totals Per Device


Your dashboard is terrific!  It shows every device and the total minutes, messages, and data usage for each device.  However, it disappears at the end of the billing cycle--just when the final data is needed most.  Huh??  The monthly bill does not give total usage per device (only the disaggregated data), so the "fix" is to download the data, import it to a spreadsheet, sort it and then total it.  Since I need to have totals for each of my kids, my spouse, myself, and our "home" cell phone, that means I have to do the above for 18 sets of data (3 x 6).  Not fun nor worth my time when I know Ting already has the data.  Years ago, some nice person fixed the issue by providing an unofficial  "split-the-bill" site ( which was great! I could download the data files, then upload to the site, then see the results!  Unfortunately, the site has been taken down.  So as far as I can see, there is no longer anyone to help except the nice customer service reps. at ting, who shouldn't have to be bothered with this request. 

This feature request has been around for more than four years (look in your topic posts).  I'm perplexed as to why a customer service oriented company (ting) that does such a great job in everything else would ignore this request for so long.  Please help!



  • Scott,

    I'm doing a similar task each month.  I want to preserve the billing details, so I have to download the three CSV files no matter what.  I think I have an easier way to total by device, though, because I use a pivot table to total minutes/messages/data for all devices in one step for each type of usage.  Instead of a 3x9 problem (I have 9 lines) it's a 3x1 problem.

    Using pivot tables and a billing calculations spreadsheet, it's never been hard enough for me to follow through with writing a program to do it.  I considered writing a custom package, but I decided that the rest of the family could understand the spreadsheets if something happened to me and they couldn't work on my custom software.



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  • She moved that site. Try


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  • @Jim  Thank you for the pivot table suggestion, I will try it out.

    @Bruce  That is great to hear that split-ting is still up at another site.  That is a very helpful service she is doing!

    I'm hoping ting will make their dashboard data available after the billing cycle close, but the information you both shared is appreciated!




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