Ting needs to have their own visual voicemail app
Not planned

Ting is great, but the only (and big) downside I see is the inability for visual voicemail on my iPhone.  To fulfill this gap, Ting really should have their own iOS app which will come across as a feature of Ting.  Meanwhile, I'm looking for other 3rd party apps.



  • I believe this is an issue where Ting's GSM network partner (T-Mobile) is not permitting the network access required for iPhone Visual Voicemail. If that is the case, an app would not change that.

    Ting is known for providing all the useful services they are permitted. Initially, they could not provice LTE on their CDMA network until their partner permitted it.

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  • Hey Ryan!

    Thanks for your suggestion as it's something that has also been previously looked at. We created an app not too long ago for Android that deemed to be unsuccessful. As for iOS.. it requires a carrier bundle through Apple that only major networks have the capability of signing up with. YouMail is still a staple for a 3rd party app that seems to go over quite well with a lot of our customers. For any future updates regarding this, please follow this post -- https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/205674548-Add-Visual-Voicemail-to-the-GSM-network-for-iPhones

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