What's the correct way to set up Google Voice with Ting?

Luigi Sansone

I have my REAL number ported to Google Voice, and Ting is just a "dummy" number since I need a carrier active to make it all work. I have Hangouts Dialer installed on my Android, so right now when people call my real number, my phone rings through Dialer, and my computer rings through Hangouts, etc. Now.... the "Forward calls to..." portion of Google Voice. There's a Google Talk option, and then my Ting number. Do I want my calls forwarded? Or since my GV is my MAIN number, I don't need to forward. Also, when I make a call from my normal dialer on my phone, will it show my Ting number, or my real number? Do I ALWAYS have to call people from the Hangouts Dialer now?


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    Robert Middlebrook

    In this case yes you would have to make all of your calls through the hangouts dialer if you want to avoid paying for minutes and text. What I did was I turned off the talk and text services through the ting app and left only the mobile data on. With that I could make all my calls and texts over the Hangouts app while only using and paying for data.


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