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I had my bill auto debited today without my knowledge which caused another auto debit that I had budgeted for be declined. This was my first bill. I contacted customer service and they informed me that it is policy to be auto debited 2-5 days after period closing. There was no reminder before the charge was submitted that this was policy. It would have been nice to have a reminder so that I could have planned for it instead of having fees pile up because of a bad transaction with another company. I was not budgeting for Ting until tomorrow the 16th when we get our paycheck. A reminder about the auto debit would have been nice.



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  • Hey Rebecka!

    Thanks for your suggestion as this is something that was brought to our attention recently regarding the way billing works. We do send emails after the payment is made on the account, but we take your suggestion seriously in trying to make something be auto emailed before we take money out of the account. Once we have something in the works we will be sure to let everyone know that we are working towards it.

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