phone number, phone or sim card that is hacked into?

id like to know if anyone knows if its possible for someone to be hacking into every phone i get via the phone number.

it seems this one person sent me a photo originally via text and when i clicked it bam they were in my phone turning cameras on, chat screens popping up all kinds of privacy issues. anyway i changed providers went from boost to mobile pcs and changed my phone and sim card but kept same phone number. they still were in every phone.

i now find ting, decided maybe its the phone number they are getting in thru, i don't know I'm scared to go back use one of my old phones with a new number new sim card, in fear they are getting in thru the number


does anyone know whether its the phone itself, the sim card or combination of same phone number diff phone or what???

help like to keep the same phone number get a new sim card and if possible use old phone?




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