Data only sim like Google's project fi

Project fi has a similar cellular phone model as ting and they have a option for a data only sim for use in tablets and laptop's that cost nothing but the data you use, could ting offer a sim card like this because it would be extremely useful because I don't want to have to pay a extra $6 every month for a tablet that i only use data on when I go on vacation, even if the data cost a bit more like $11 a gig that would be fine.



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  • Hey Marco.

    You can use our sim card for data only purposes, meaning that you could insert the card into the device that uses just data. The thing is, it will of course cost $6.00 a month to have an active sim card to use the device on our network. Otherwise, if the sim card wasn't active on our network, you wouldn't be able to have data access.

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