Split Old Bills By Device Usage Answered

Neal Stublen

 When I log into my account I can see a nice summary of my minutes, text, and data usage for the current billing cycle. This is very helpful for identifying what in our family is called "the data hog". However, I'd love, love, love, love, love to be able to get this same clear summary for past months as well. I know I can go back to previous billing cycles and get detailed usage, but I don't see any easy summary anywhere for each device on the account.  (I've resorted to a spreadsheet in the past, but...ugh!)

Please tell me it's available an I'm just not seeing it (or at least tell me it's about to be released in the near future).



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    Bruce Osborne

    Another Ting user created a website tat lets you split out your bill by using files from youtr Ting dashboard. I believe it work for old bills too.



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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Neal!

    Thanks so much for your suggestion it's really appreciated. A temporary fix is what Bruce gives us above (that link helps split up your bill based on device). We are going to be looking at a complete overhaul of the bill history tab on the Ting account in the near future as we continue this discussion. Please follow this post here for more information and future updates -- https://help.ting.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/203757888-Bill-Split-by-Device-A-more-detailed-bill-


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