A more improved data cap. Answered

Aaron Yount

It would be great if there were an option to suspend the DATA usage AT the limit that is set. (Regardless of active sessions, ect..) 

That way I don't have to configure each phone's settings to remind/shutdown DATA at a limit.. (For example, I would want to have to change it on their phones when I could just do it online.) 



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    Bruce Osborne

    Ting can only alert & act on the data received from their network partners.

    The data is not "real-time" enough to cut off when an exact limit is reached. From past Ting staff  postings, I infer that the data usage is only sent after the session or call has ended.

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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Aaron.

    Thanks a bunch for your post and suggestion. It's something that has been looked at before and we are still continuing a discussion on how to prevent customers from going over the cap that they have original set for themselves. Basically we would be looking at something call "real-time" control, whereas the data sequence would stop as soon as you reached your limit. It might take a bit more discussion and time as to how/when we would be able to get something launched as we would be working with our network partners.


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