Anyone else having Pokemon Go "device not compatible" problem? I have Galaxy S5

I just purchased a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S5 specifically to play Pokemon Go, but upon activation last night it tells me the device is incompatible with the app.  :(  It meets the app specs (running Android 5.0, 2GB RAM, and not rooted as far as I know) so I am at a total loss why it won't work.  Does anyone else have problems with Pokemon Go?  On the same or other devices?  I am very very sad and upset because this was the only reason I bought the phone.  If you have any suggestions on why it won't work/how to make it work I would be so grateful.  Thanks.



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  • Following up on this--I had my husband look at the phone too and eventually Pokemon quit giving that message and properly installed.  He doesn't know what he did that worked or even if it was him at all.  Best we can figure is maybe the phone just needed to percolate through the network for a while or something since it was a fresh activation.  Anyway, for posterity & if this happens to anyone else, give it a day before panicking because it might start working on its own.

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