Use Ting for data only. Use Google Voice for voice, SMS?

Steven Porteus

Here's my scenario that I need to validate.  Just moved my wife's phone over to Ting (Verizon Galaxy S6) and lost voice over WiFi functionality which is critical since we don't get a cell signal at home.  Here is what I'm thinking.

1.) Move her number from Ting to Google Voice.  Deactivate the SIM it was tied to.

2.) Activate my other Ting SIM with an new assigned phone number and install it on her phone

3.) Limit the account to data only, no voice/text

4.) Use Google Voice/Hangouts for all voice/text/voicemail, so essentially the phone will become a VoIP device even when on a cellular connection.

Does this make sense that this will work?




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    william jeschke

    You could get a Google Voice number and test how it works by forwarding it to the current number, but what you propose should work.

    I use GV for my main number and have received calls on my tablet that does not have cell service in Hangouts.

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    Michelle Mills

    An option that might be less of a pain in rear end is to go with a service like basic talk, net talk or magic jack.  Use your existing internet connection for a cheap home phone, and set the phone that doesn't get cell service at home to forward to the VOIP device you chose when you are home, or tie it all together with google voice.  We use basic talk for a home it, personally had problems with magic jack a few years ago though and dubbed it "magic junk" and made me leary of cheap VoiP providers for awhile.  


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