services via wifi: send and receive both calls and SMS?

Alison Dodge

I was with Ting for a couple years, then I moved to Google Fi when that was available. One of the features I love at Fi, that I don't recall working when I was on Ting, was being able to send and receive both calls and SMS. I use Hangouts for messaging. Is this possible?

Nexus 5x, android 7.0 NRD90R

Hangouts 12.0.130004787



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    Kim D

    WiFi calling through a 3rd party app that uses your same phone number is still not a feature that is supported on Ting. You are able to use Hangouts, but cannot use it to make calls using your Ting phone number, for example. It can be used as a messaging platform, however. 

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    Ben Smith

    Making outbound calls over WiFi with Hangouts and having your Ting number show up in the Caller ID is possible. It doesn't go through Tings network though so it doesn't use any of your minutes.

    Download Hangouts Dialer from Google Play and have it verify and use your number, then outbound calls will use your number when calling over WiFi. Doesn't work when people call your number though.


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