Roll over the unused min/msg/mb to the next month.
Not planned

Roll over the unused min/msg/mb to the next month.  (or at least the data). Google is doing that now with the Project FI and it makes them VERY competitive with you.



  • $16 for the first GB is a bit steep, in my opinion, especially when I don't use all of it.  Thanks for listening.

  • Hey John!

    Our rates have remained the same since we have launched, however this suggestion is a good one for the future if we intend to stay competitive as you said! We will keep this suggestion in the bank and see what we can work with in regards to rolling over our rates. Thanks again for your post!

  • Hi Jamie.  Don't get me wrong, your rates are very good.  But Google is biting at your tail.  $20 a month for unlimited calls, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data.  Each additional GB is $10 and what you don't use rolls over to the next month.

    On the other hand, your customer service is stellar!  Google can't say the same for that.  :-)

  • The $20 for Google Fi only includes talk and text, no data.

    Any data used increases the $20 price.

  • I have 2 phones and they reach 1050  minutes per month of Talk.

    I am so mad that I could use double the phone minutes and still pay 35$. 


    Years later, no tier from 1000 minutes to 2100.  NO sliding scale. No attention to customer needs.


  • Ask an Exec: Tings Pricing model (buckets) -

    Ask an Exec: Ting Carryover (rollover) -

    To use the restaurant analogy, imagine Ting Cafe, with really great prices, but no matter what, the tables are cleared every 15 minutes. Even if you were still eating, the food is taken and you have to order more. So if you are a slow/light eater, you will not make it through your portion by the quarter hour and will have to keep reordering.  if you were hungry and ordered an extra helping of something, even if you'd only taken a few bites into that extra helping, if the quarter hour is reached, your food is taken and you have to order more. That's a good experience?? In my view, if you paid for your bucket, you should be able to use your bucket, even if it takes a few months. Yes, Ting tries to be a bit forgiving on slightly running into the next bucket, but that does not help much. At some point there still is a line. Still, Ting's great prices make this nonsense fairly easy to, err, swallow. ;)

    If one ignores users who make an effort to avoid going into the next bucket, on average, Ting gets to keep half of any bucket a user is working through each month.  This is fine for Ting when it averages this over its entire userbase.  (Not so nice for individual users who see things with a little more granularity.  In our case, we use very few text messages per month, so the cost per text is rather high.) This implies that Tings prices are actually higher than stated and if they did carryover, they would have to raise the listed prices to reflect full consumption of buckets.  This actually would not cost users more because they would get full bucket consumption.  Because there would be no end of month game playing to avoid going over, there might be more usage because that bucket boundary would not be there to avoid.  So it would be a better, fairer, experience for users but perhaps a challenge for Ting marketing??



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