Using Google Voice for Voicemail Only

Stuart B. Smith

I have a question about using Google Voice for voicemail.  This may be a question for Google, but here goes: I have GV number for work.  I work remotely, and my office extension forwards to GV number so I can answer on Hangouts on Android (Wi-Fi) or on my PC.  I was playing around with using the GV voicemail for my Ting account.  I ran into one issue.  I use the **004* code to set up Ting to go to GV voicemail.  The problem is if I don't answer my Ting #, it doesn't go directly to voice mail.  An incoming call rings Ting several times (ok) but then rings my GV number several times before voice mail picks up.  Caller gets two sets of rings: Ting, then Google Voice.  My Ting phone rings, then Hangouts (GV) rings.  I want the Ting rings, then, if I don’t answer, pop to GV voice mail only.  Is there a way to have the Ting # go to GV voicemail directly (only if I don't answer my mobile) rather than ringing Ting then also ringing GV?  Thanks.


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    Brandon Helmuth

    Sorry if this is too late, I just setup GV for my voicemail as well. In your GV settings Phones > Edit > Show Advanced Settings > Forwarding Options, choose Go Straight to Voicemail.


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