If you want to keep your voice minutes down....

So many people post that their struggle with Ting is that they came from unlimited service and are having SO much trouble staying under whatever minute threshold they have set their personal goal to.  This can be especially hard if you have a multi line plan.  Are you operating with Ting as your "only" phone?  If so, that may not be realistic if you want to stay under a certain number of minutes.  We wanted to ditch the cable company home phone, but with kids at home that need to connect with us, and elderly parents who are not going to text and email that need to talk live, we decided that we still needed a home phone. We got a basic talk box (free box if you order through their website), which connects to your cable or dsl modem for your home internet service, and gives you unlimited home phone service in the US for $9.99 a month plus tax.  It's owned by vonage, so it's known and reliable.  (Not the case with other cheaper knock offs I've tried) I just logged in to look, and we aren't even done with a month yet and have used over 500 minutes this month at home...so those are minutes I didn't put against my ting plan, keeping the overall cost down.  SO, if you are heck bent on a cut rate cell phone plan that is not unlimited, it may not be price friendly to go with "no home phone."



  • If most of your calls are outbound and you use Android you can use WiFi for free calls.

    Making outbound calls over WiFi with Hangouts and having your Ting number show up in the Caller ID is possible. It doesn't go through Tings network though so it doesn't use any of your minutes.

    Download Hangouts Dialer from Google Play and have it verify and use your number, then outbound calls will use your number when calling over WiFi. Doesn't work when people call your number though.


  • We don't have androids, we brought windows phones with us from another carrier.  Also, having kids home that need to reach us means they need a phone...we aren't down with kids having smart phones to allow all that.  We are good with the set up we have, most of it is incoming calls.  I've just seen lots of people post about "being paranoid" trying to keep minutes from going over a certain point and it all getting blown to the next bucket by "one phone call from the mother in law" for example...it's so not worth that kind of paranoia when there is a cheap solution.  Your family is only here for a little while, and when they are gone, you won't think about all the money you saved shortening your phone calls!  Just my humble opinion!

  • Ting has a tier of phone minutes 1000-2100.  Wow!

    Just a 15 HOURS of talk range.  Look, make a sliding scale, more tiers, or join the current world and rollover minutes!  I have had this as my #1 hate of the myth of "pay-for-what-you-use".  I'm not going to turn off my phone every hour just to save a few minutes, but this window has screwed me regularly and I have every right to mention that Ting hasn't done squat to change it.

    Guess I am just one of those customers who use little data and light calling that just doesn't fit their idea of what a customer should be.

  • I would like to see smaller increments (or no increments) for minutes. 

  • Hey Roberta, 

    While it's trendy among MVNOs to offer "unlimited" talk minutes, there's little truth to it being unlimited. They still pay their providers for every minute that travels over their network, so they tend to cap it at a few hundred or a few thousand, while telling you that it's 'unlimited'. 

    But we're looking at rate structures now, to see if we can better-align our prices with our customers' usage. Stay tuned.

  • Thanks again. I'm a new customer and I'm kind of shocked at how many minutes I'm using. Was hoping to save money by switching to Ting — but without curtailing actual talking. Smaller increments would be nice. I'm in the 501-1000 slot already, with half a month to go. Would prefer a slide, or a half-step into the next category.

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