Possible Future Feature: Flat Fee for Unlimited Elements
Not planned

When I am telling other people about Ting, they are concerned with overages. I think this is a valid concern and it could be answered by offering a way to pay a flat fee to get unlimited use of the item in question.


For example:

Minutes (Current tier maximum: $35 for up to 2100 minutes): $40 a month for unlimited minutes.
Text (Current tier maximum: $11 for up to 4800 texts): $15 a month for unlimited texts.
Data (Current tier maximum: $20 for up to 2GB):  $25 a month for unlimited data.

Monthly Maximum: $80/month

This allows heavy users the ability to have peace of mind with unlimited features (for a fee comparable to other carriers), while allowing normal users the flexibility to focus on certain areas they might use heavily. I think this will not only attract more users, but increase revenue from current users by allowing them to buy in to unlimited tiers of their choosing.



  • Ting is charged for all usage by its partners.

    The only way Ting could offer "unlimited" is to hide those extra expenses in higher fees for others. That is against Ting's philosophy and I, for one do not want to pay extra so somebody else can have "unlimited". 

    Ting is not the best choice for heavy users, but the vast majority of cell phone users can save money with Ting.

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  • Times have changed... when Ting was first formed unlimited talk and text was expensive and for users who did not need unlimited it made sense to come to Ting.  Now MVNOs are offering unlimited talk and text at comparable if not cheaper pricing than Ting.  Examples are Republic Wireless ($15/month, Fi ($20/month), Mint Sim (3 month promo $35 unlimited talk, text, and 2GB data).

    Suggestion is that Ting offer a comparable unlimited talk and text offering.  I know this may break your current pricing model... but times are a changing.


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