Create a Texting Web Portal
Not planned

I'm working at my desk and want to send a text to 1 or more people.  When I was at Verizon, I could pull up a web page, enter, and send such a text.  I was told that you do not provide such a service.  Can that be changed?  It is a disruption to the work flow to switch back and forth between desk and phone modes.



  • Hey Roy.

    Thanks for the suggestion! It's something that we would have to build and work on quite a bit but the possibility is there. We will need to continue the discussion of creating this for our customers once we have a bit more feedback from other clients who also want the service.

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  • I would be interested in this as well, but from a different perspective.  My almost 85 year-old mother can text her hearing impaired brother via verizon's app on her nook tablet.  She does not want to use a "smart" phone - as when she does use her flip phone it is easy for her to answer by just flipping the phone open and talking, but when she needs to contact her brother, texting on the flip phone is extremely challenging.  We are both trying out Ting, but  she may have to go back to Verizon to be able to easily text with her brother, unless someone has another option besides making her move to a "smart" phone.


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