Completely out of signal during my whole trip

I live in Tulsa OK and here reception and data are very good. I have a Samsung S5 with CDMA covered by Sprint.

Headed west along the I-40 down to Flagstaff and not even once I had signal during my trip. Starting probably 100 miles from Oklahoma city the phone kept displaying "Emergency calls only". I checked the coverage map and I do not know whether there is something wrong with my phone or not, but it is not actual. By the way, as soon as I got back, everything started working fine.


Please, check



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  • I just moved two phones to Ting: one is a Galaxy S5 purchased from Ting, on the CDMA/Sprint network. We haven't done any traveling with it yet, so your report is worrisome. Like you, the coverage on this phone is fine here in the Portland, OR area. 

    The 2nd Ting phone is GSM, also a Galaxy S5. According to the coverage map, I should have excellent 4G LTE coverage here at my home. But sadly, I have one sole bar. It seems to work, but just barely. As a result I have very little faith in the published coverage maps.



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