Offline account usage sync in Ting Mobile app
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I would like to suggest for the Ting app to sync the last account usage (minutes, messages, MBs) while on wifi so that users can check their most recent account usage when offline. A lot of Ting users seem to turn their cellular data off to conserve data. So it seems counterintuitive that we have to turn our data on just to check our usage to see if we have enough data to turn our data on! Sometimes I just want to know how close I am to the next bucket, so I can decide if I have enough data to do some browsing or streaming. If I'm close, I won't bother. If there's a few days left in my cycle and I have some room, I can afford to turn the data on. It seems like it shouldn't be too hard to sync account details while connected to wifi. This would be similar to how Google Now works. Google Now needs an internet connection to show weather, location details, news items. But if there's no connection, it will show you what it got at the last sync, and it will say, synced X minutes ago. That's what the Ting app should do: Here's your account data as of X minutes ago. A Ting moderator in another forum said that since account details change so rapidly, they didn't want to implement an offline sync. But users will understand that account details may have changed since the last sync, but it will give us a ballpark to work with. That's what I think a lot of users want. Since this issue shouldn't be difficult to code, and it could help a lot of users, I think this could be a win win.



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  • Hey Christian!

    This is a really cool idea for the Ting App that eventually is going to need an overhaul all together. I will bring up this suggestion in our next feature request meeting at the beginning of next month to get more feedback and insight on this particular request. We know that the App needs a bit of love and attention and it's something that we will eventually be working toward. Thanks so much for your request!

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