iPhone5 vs iPhone 5c refurb?

Can some experienced Ting users weigh in here? I'm considering getting my kid a Ting refurb'd iPhone to replace the MotoG she has now. But I'm a little gun shy about Ting's crummy track record in activating refurbished phones. The MotoG refurb took 3 tries to activate including lots of gnashing of teeth and hours upon hours with tech support. Now it won't do MMS messaging and it's out of warranty. 

So have you all had smooth sailing activating the Iphone 5 or 5c from Ting? Or are there known issues for those refurbs?

If you recommend buying a BYOD iPhone, can you point me to guidance on how to find one that will reliably activate on Ting? I would prefer not to have to kill too many brain cells learning the nuances of what works and what doesn't. 

thanks in advance for any help.




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  • Which Ting service? CDMA (Sprint) or GSM (T-Mobile)?

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