Block "No Caller Id" but NOT unknown callers
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I'm having difficulty finding an iPhone app to block "No Caller Id" but not unknown callers. So to be clear all calls with an actual number come thru as normal, but incoming calls without any number (such as private or *67 prefixed calls are blocked). This seems a rare use which is why it's difficult to get an answer. Any ideas? or suggestions for how to find this? 

Thanks so much and in the interests of being concise let me politely share that if you are considering answering this question and your solution involves my contact list or somebody's blacklist then that would not be an answer to the question I asked.




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  • Hey John!

    Just to be clear, you are looking at wanting an App that allows you to block callers that are trying to call you without a Caller ID? A lot of the time people won't have access to a Caller ID feature which would inturn show up as not having it listed when they call you, or sometimes "Wireless Caller" would also show up instead.


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