Devices blacklisted by Ting
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Today I found out there are some devices that, while meeting specs for compatibility, are blacklisted by Ting.

Case in point, I bought a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803. It's new, firing on all the right frequencies, factory unlocked, and still not compatible with Ting. I chatted with support and discovered that this particular model of phone is not compatible due to frequent issues. I can appreciate them wanting to support devices that work well; that's not my problem here.

My request is that they make that list available. There is a list; that's how the very helpful service rep was able to tell me, but it's not something they give out. 

I could have checked the IMEI before purchase. I get that and bad on me for not doing it. However, even after checking the IMEI I had no idea why it was incompatible. Was it this specific phone? Was it not really unlocked? Was the IMEI on the global blacklist? I could have easily gotten another of the same phone and had the same problem. Or.. I could buy a different model only to find it is also on this unpublished blacklist.

It would be helpful to have that list available.



  • Thanks, I had that model number on my shortlist for phone to buy. Hope you get it figured out, that is my only complaint with Ting

    I had a Samsung Neo which is the same model Ting sold on the site and I activated it. Even after i passed the IMEI and Sim Card activation the phone still did not work and was flagged even though it said it was activated.



  • @Derek Wood

    My previous phone, an Xperia Z1 Compact, was really becoming difficult to use in a lot of ways. I had the Xperia Z3 Compact in my possession, but was told it likely wouldn't work on Ting. Being a hard spot, I decided to roll the dice and see if the Z3 would work anyway, b/c my Z1 really wasn't any more. I swapped the SIM from the Z1 to the Z3 and, guess what, it's been working just fine. One call I made was static-y for the other guy, but not for me. That could be an issue they were referring to? I make very few calls, so I don't know if that will turn out to be an issue yet. Otherwise the Z3 Compact has worked fine for me over the past 2 weeks (text and data). I hope it keeps going.

    (Side note: The Z1 uses a micro SIM and the Z3 uses the smaller nano SIM. I didn't have a nano SIM, decided to cut my micro SIM with scissors only to find my Ting SIM was precut for the nano size and it popped right out in the right size. But, I couldn't go back to micro size - it's a one way street.)

    Good luck to you, too. By a long margin I've been really happy with Ting for the past 2 years. And this doesn't ruffle my feathers too much; it's just the first 'trouble' I've had with them. No company is perfect, but Ting is pretty close.

  • Hey Jason.

    Sorry for the long wait to reply. This is something we can definitely bring up in the next feature request meeting. The reason that the device showed up as compatible on the list is because some of those particular devices do in fact work on our network. It would be difficult to pin point exactly which specific models work on our network and which ones don't (as some of the submodel frequencies may or not match what we have.. ex US Cellular VS AT&T model). 


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