Nokia is about to enter the smart phone arena.

Nokia was a great cell phone manufacturer but it just wasn't able to make the leap to smart phones. I see now they are about to enter this sector but not sure the same quality is going to be there since the name is going to be licensed out is all

Does anyone know much about this group that is going to licence the Nokia name?

I see the talk in the media now is that Apple is now thinking about having it's Chinese vendors move iphone production to the U.S. to avoid high import taxes due to Trump's campaign promises. They are suggesting the already overly priced iphones will be very expensive if made in the U.S.,  like 2k.

The obscene profit that Apple makes and stores off shore should come down before the prices go any higher. I don't think Mrs. Jobs needs another 138 million dollar super yacht.

If iphones do sky rocket even further I can see how consumers will be migrating to android in droves and a brand name like Nokia which had a good value and product quality attached to it may do well. Timing is everything and the launch of the a new Nokia smart phone maybe a smart move. It all depends on if they can keep the prices reasonable and the quality good.

A long time ago if a new model came out you waited to buy it since you wanted them to work out the bugs. Now it seems like the first generations of electronics (tvs) etc  or cars now come out doing really well and the reviews are really good. Then the following years you can see where they cut corners and the units are not the same quality and the reviews reflect it. I am not sure you can say the same for cellphone but Samsung with it's exploding smart phones has really got android users wanting a better brand to buy. I think the Samsungs were over priced too and you didn't even get the imessage type feature. 

It should be interesting what better smart phone options will come out of all of this in the coming year or so.





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