Ting - Google Voice - Digits: Let me txt from your app.

Like many at Ting I love using Google Voice. The ease of texting with a full keyboard on my laptop, PC, or IPad then seamlessly switching to mobile, the functionality of getting my voicemails sent to me digitally, and the simplicity of having one number to ring all my devices is beyond compare. I don't think I can go back.

None the less, I see the writing on the wall. Google has been shifting resources away from Google Voice for years. The company has been actively nudging users away from GV on to hangouts which at this point still doesn't offer the same functionality. With Google's history of axing products it seems clear to me the GV's days are numbered.

Thus there is opportunity. The chance to offer all of GV's functionality with the ease and integration of a career, and that's exactly what T-mobile is doing and what Ting should do as well.

"As part of a new feature called Digits, T-Mobile will allow customers to make calls or texts anywhere you have a device with an Internet connection, allowing you to make phone calls with an iPad or send texts from a laptop. Recipients of the calls and texts will see your normal phone number, and when they call or text that number it will be available on any of your devices."

Ting already has a great app to manage your account that I have on my iPad. How much greater would it be if I could sent and receive txts through it using my Ting number? How much would it expand your reach if one could download the Ting app on to a Verizon phone and place a call? I implore you see the opportunity and not be left behind by T-mobile and the other main stream carries who are sure to follow. Give me a ship to jump on to before Google inevitably pulls rug out from under me and shuts down my personality network.




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