More details about affirm financing options on website Answered

Gabrielle Loehr

I am going to be getting an iphone 6 with the affirm financing, but there is not a lot of information on how much is immediately deducted or the payment schedule on the website. I would love for there to be more information prior to checkout, like how much you are charged for right away, what your monthly payments might be, and in general, more info. As much as I really want to get a new phone, since mine has been broken for months now, I also can't go forward with a $500 purchase with no details whatsoever on the financing, when the payments will start and how much they will be.


Other than that, Ting is great and saves me about $100 a month for two phones and two tablets.



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    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Gabrielle.

    Great suggestion! I agree that we don't really have enough information on how our partnership with Affirm works publicly displayed on our website. Our partnership with them is expanding and improving and once we have more information regarding that, we will be sure to be transparent and let all of our customers know about what's going on/how it works.

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    Michael kight
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    Ting is a really great company to be wih and Affirm is really works with with there customers and I would refer you to all of my friends and family


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