Suggestion for ting engineers

Just reached 5k texts on your system and you shut me down mid conversation when I wasn't even aware of your block setup as a customer.

To top it off, you don't say, hey you've reached a pre determined max limit of texts for your safety please call us or something like that.

You send a message--Free message : unable to send message-message blocking is active!

Guess what I do, when this is on the weekend and I'm mid way thru a text, after my friends also receive a similar response, I'm spending two days messing with my darn phone thinking I did something by accident and start resetting crap and eventually the phone loosing tons of stuff that needs reinstall etc- hours of time all because you worded a message to make me think its my block feature on my phone going crazy

How about change your standard message to:: you have reached the limit of 5000 texts and for your safety we've blocked further texts so we know it's you guys not us



  • Hey Vince, 

    This is something we built in as fraud protection. Because we're a postpaid service, we pay the provider for access, then ask the customer for money later. Because we pay for all 5000 text messages, and because hitting that number is rare (but it does happen), we set up that soft cap to catch abuse of the system. 

    Our wording on the block is provided by the network provider, rather than something custom we can change. But, it works. It's just enough to prevent additional messages from being sent. 

    Rest assured, if hitting the 5000 text message mark is something you'll do regularly, contact our support at and we can raise the cap for you.

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  • Hi, help@Ting  ! Because you're a very large customer of the network provider, they might be willing to change the wording of that nonsensical message for you if you asked.  It should be very simple for them to change that message so that anyone else who receives it knows to call Customer Service if they run into the same problem, rather than spending hours trying to figure out if they've accidentally changed some arcane phone setting.  

    We customers appreciate it when you work to make the service ever more customer friendly, so that it's less frustrating, simpler, and more intuitive to work with.  Going that extra mile will improve customer retention and customer referrals, too.  :)

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  • Hi Susan,

     It is something that we wish we could change but it isn't as simple as asking them we're afraid. Our network partner works with us on a lot of different aspects of our services but there are somethings that we are unable to change at the moment and this message is one of them. Our customer service is always ready to help if anyone receives one of these messages so never feel shy about contacting us.

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