GSM roaming in Japan and India

Dear Ting,

One of my account users will be visiting Japan Tomorrow and I went to make sure that

her will work specifically with calling and text. I decided to disabled data because of high prices.

She use's a Moto G5 Plus on the GSM network and I am wondering if it will work?

Also I am wondering if account alerts and limits work internationally.

They may also have a school trip to India and I have the same concerns about India.



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  • Hi Vincent,

     We do have international roaming in Japan. Make sure you enable international roaming for the users' phone from your account before they leave. There are steps to do so here. Also be aware of the surcharges for usage while in Japan. The alerts will work internationally and in some countries, our network providers set a soft cap automatically as to not return from a trip with a large amount in charges.

     India will be the same thing when the trip comes. Hope they have safe travels and if you have any questions feel free to contact us!  

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